WordPress March Roundup (2023): WordPress 6.2, Gutenberg 15.3 & 15.4, WordPress 20th anniversary, and much more

WordPress March Roundup (2023): WordPress 6.2, Gutenberg 15.3 & 15.4, WordPress 20th anniversary, and much more

Hello, People of WordPress! A pleasant month just turned great with the release of WordPress 6.2, the first major release of the year. It just doesn’t stop there, it gets even better with two new Gutenberg versions, 20th anniversary celebrations, and much more. So, let’s get started!

WordPress 6.2

  • The month started with WordPress 6.2 product demo, which showcased to us all the great work that’s gone into the release.
  • Following the product demo, we got RC 1, RC 2, RC 3, and the dry run.
  • After all the release cycles and dry runs, WordPress 6.2 “Dolphy” released on 29 March 2023. Here’s the download link.
  • Each iteration of WordPress is titled in honor of jazz musicians, and this current version is no exception, being named after Eric Allan Dolphy Jr.
  • Dolphy is acclaimed for having brought the bass clarinet to prominence in the jazz scene, creating a place for the flute and extending the lexicon of the alto saxophone.
  • This version brings some highlighted features like a full-fledged site editor, a completely revamped navigation menu, distraction free writing, style book, a powerful inserter, and much more. Read about all the highlighted features in detail – The Major Release of 2023: WordPress 6.2 “Dolphy” is Here!
  • This version was whole and solely possible because of the 600 contributors out of which we had 178 first time contributors. Kudos to their collaboration for delivering a stable release with hundreds of enhancements.

Gutenberg Releases

WordPress 20th anniversary

  • WordPress 20th Anniversary swag is here. Show off your WordPress passion with limited edition anniversary merchandise – WordPress Mercantile store.
  • You can also download the logos and show your support from this link. Don’t forget to use #WP20 when sharing in the excitement.
  • Visit the 20th Anniversary page for other happening things, connect with fellow enthusiasts or even host events for people around the world.

Wappu Coloring Giveaway

Image: Wapuu Coloring Giveaway
  • Remember Wapuu? The cute, cuddly, and friendly mascot of the WordPress project.
  • So there is a coloring contest going on the WordPress Anniversary page, all you have to do is enroll and get creative.
  • Share your colorful Wappu on Twitter with the #WappuWP20 hashtag. Stand a chance to win some limited edition swag!
  • Read about the contest in detail here.


  • World Wildlife Day was on 4th March 2023. A lot of people celebrated the diversity of the planet’s wildlife by sharing nature photos to the WordPress Photo directory.
  • But, why wait for a specific day to celebrate nature, you can still do it today. View or contribute photos here.

WordCamp Updates

Parting Notes

What are your thoughts on the March 2023 roundup of WordPress?

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