WordPress Gutenberg 15.3 is Here with Site Editor Improvements, Time to Read block, and much more

WordPress Gutenberg 15.3 is Here with Site Editor Improvements, Time to Read block, and much more

WordPress Gutenberg 15.3 released on 13th March, 2023.

This version comes with various improvements that enhance the site editing experience. Additionally, a new block “Time to read” has been added, which enables the users to estimate the time it takes to read the post. This version also brings several enhancements to the Duotone design tool.

Let us delve into the major highlights of Gutenberg 15.3 in detail.

Site Editor Improvements in Gutenberg 15.3

Previous versions of Gutenberg, such as 15.1 and 15.2, have witnessed ongoing improvements to the Site Editor. The latest release, version 15.3, also continues to improve by adding another round of polish to the Site Editor, giving the users a more refined experience.

Image: Site Editor Improvements in Gutenberg 15.3
Credits – WP.org

Introducing “Time to Read” block with Gutenberg 15.3

This new block allows the site owners to display the estimated time the average reader takes to read the current page or post. This improves the user experience for readers, showing them the estimated time helps them decide if they should read it now or bookmark it for later.

Image: Post Time to Read block in Gutenberg 15.3
Credits – WP.org

Leveling-up Duotone

The latest release of Gutenberg has improved the Duotone design tool by introducing various enhancements. Firstly, users can now set a Duotone filter globally within the Site Editor’s Styles panel, making it easier to apply across the entire site. Previously, users could only perform this action manually by editing the theme.json file.

Image: Global Duotone Filter
Credits – WP.org

Additionally, The storage of Duotone presets, use slug values instead of hard-coded color values. This change makes the presets more flexible and not tied to a specific theme or variation. As a result, when you apply a Duotone and switch to a different theme that uses the same slug value, the new theme’s Duotone will be automatically applied.

Lastly, Duotone styles is now uses the WordPress Style Engine, which results in better performance and more efficient CSS generation for blocks that support CSS.

Parting Notes

Read about all the enhancements and bug fixes in detail here.

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