WordPress Gutenberg 15.1: Openverse integration in the Inserter menu, Shadow presets, and much more!

WordPress Gutenberg 15.1: Openverse integration in the Inserter menu, Shadow presets, and much more!

Gutenberg 15.1 released on 8 February 2023 on WordPress. This release integrates the Openverse to the media inserter, brings new shadow effect presets to Global Styles, ability to add custom CSS for single blocks, ‘paste style’ option, featured image resizing options, and much more.

Openverse Integrates with Media inserter

Image: Openverse Integrates with Media inserter
Credits – WP.org

Openverse is now integrated with the Inserter in the Editor. Making it easier to add images to your pages and posts. Elevate the look of the pages and posts using the free stock photos that are available directly from the Media tab.

Global Styles now supports shadow presets

Credits – WP.org

How would you like to have the shadow of your buttons sir? Natural, Crisp, Sharp, or Soft? Everything is possible with Gutenberg 15.1. 

Introducing four new shadow presets to Global Styles UI. There will be more additions in the upcoming versions. You can also create new and custom shadow styles using ‘theme.json’.

Add custom CSS for single blocks

Credits – WP.org

Previously, custom CSS can be added via the Global Styles UI and it was applied to all the existing blocks. But with Gutenberg 15.1, you can add custom CSS to each block.

Control the Navigation Menu from the Site Editor 

Image: Navigation menu in site editor
Credits – WP.org

Navigation menu has been added to the site editor sidebar, which enables you to manage, and control the site’s navigation menu from the Site editor. If you click on the Navigation menu, you can see the list of items in each menu and navigate through them directly.

Paste Style option

Image: Paste styles option
Credits – WP.org

The previous version of Gutenberg (i.e. 15.0) introduced us to the “Copy styles” option. But, it was still unclear how to paste the copied style to a block. To avoid that confusion, the “Paste styles” option has been added in this version.

Credits – WP.org

With Gutenberg 15.1 in WordPress, you can adjust the size of the featured image placeholder in posts and images. This also includes additional scaling options like ‘Cover’, ‘Contain’, or ‘Fill’, that determine how the image will appear in the container. 

Parting Notes 

The block editor is continually improving in terms of versatility, functionality, and user experience with the frequent addition of new features. 

Discover all the upcoming and recent Gutenberg updates. 

Read in-depth information about the Gutenberg version 15.1 here.

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