Our Research

In this WordPress Odyssey — We Explore. We Learn. We Share.

On our end,

Even before a topic is finalized, we are already knees deep into researching multiple topics. There are also times when one thing leads to another and we lose track of the main topic, but that comes as a silver lining to us. We are just everyday WordPress users like you. Some of us are experienced, some are fresh out of the book.

When we collaborate, there’s a heavy exchange of whats? and if? and hows?. This is exactly what makes our work compelling, such that it covers every pain point of the user reading it.

Also, we are a part of the WordPress ecosystem in a way. Having built plugins and themes for WordPress, we know the nooks and corners of the system and what a user wants to learn about!

With that being said, get started with your reading! And, if you have any queries, we are here to help you out! (You’ll be astonished to see how quickly we reply to your questions and sort them out! That’s a challenge!)