Hello World! Welcome to WPWhiteBoard!

In this expanding universe, where there are multiple “happenings”, we are just another pocket dimension about WordPress and we are WordPress aficionados in it!

We are designers and developers who used to spend way too much time explaining things to each other. That’s why we made WPWhiteBoard — to familiarize ourselves and you with the WordPress Ecosystem. Think of us as an amalgamation of ideas, creativity and a helping hand to the WordPress Ecosystem. Think of us as an extensive library that answers your doubts, queries or anything related to WordPress.

We are all about providing the best knowledge possible for your questions — new and old, likewise. After all, knowledge is meant to be shared! (who knows someone might find it out and create their version of WordPress! — The Codes Lost In Time & Space😅)

And, to achieve this weird and yet achievable fantasy, we are pouring our hearts out to spread knowledge on WordPress. We are compiling the best mediums to help you understand various topics, fundamentals, workings, guides, and much more! Our extensive directory features well-researched blogs and articles that range to in-depth topics of WordPress.

The History

We, being WordPress enthusiasts, always try to prepare, create, and make innovations that are beneficial to the community. But to reach the pinnacle of perfection is no simple task. We used to do heavy research scattered around the web-space. Jumping from one URL to another, making teams and individuals understand the fundamentals and finding the right resource became a task for us. To overcome this small, yet distinct hurdle, we decided to create a library of our own. Then we thought, why should it be only helpful to us? Why not make it public? Such that, everyone can take a piece with them!

And thus, the very first idea of WPWhiteBoard came into existence.

What’s the deal with the name — WPWhiteBoard?

As we were charting out our ideas on the board, we came up with a number of concepts and ideologies. But somehow the very concept of the whiteboard stuck to us because, at that moment, we were collaborating, guiding, and learning at the same time — which is essentially the concept of WPWhiteBoard. We wanted to build a community space for like-minded teams and individuals, who will help each other out.

Well, to keep it plain, we wanted users to read our thoroughly researched materials without any visual distractions and disturbance. By taking inspiration from minimalism, our logo is an embodiment of font and colors that translates — foolishly simple.

Join us in our Voyage

Now that you know about our journey, we hope you are intrigued by our mission statement. In a sense, we would like you to be on board! Share your thoughts on WordPress, have a word with us, or just you know, ping us with anything! Our networks are strong and we will connect with you in a blink of a second!