WordPress January Roundup (2023): 20th Anniversary, WordPress 6.2 announcement, and much more

WordPress January Roundup (2023): 20th Anniversary, WordPress 6.2 announcement, and much more

Hello, People of WordPress, ready for the January Roundup of WordPress? How was your first month of 2023? What resolutions did you take? What resolutions did you break?

How many contributions to WordPress are you planning to make? 

I am just curious to know everything, so please drop your answers to these questions in the comments below, only after reading this roundup 😂. So, let’s dive into this roundup, shall we?

WordPress is turning 20!

In 2023, we will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of WordPress. It’s remarkable to consider the technological advancements we have seen over the past two decades – from CDs to Netflix, physical books to e-books, and from cash/card payments to digital payments. Despite these technological changes, WordPress remained a constant and has grown consistently in the world of web development.

This is due to the fantastic work and contributions of the WordPress community. Thousands of contributors and millions of users embrace the mission to democratize publishing. 

WordPress was officially launched on May 27, 2003. There will be a number of events and updates taking place on the anniversary website. You can contribute cool anniversary content, collect cool anniversary swag, and much more.

WordPress in 2023

As we are heading towards the third phase of the Gutenberg project, which is called the “Collaboration Phase”. This phase will focus on collaborative user workflows. Simply, this phase will be focusing on building features like real-time collaboration, commenting options in drafts, easier browsing of post revisions, and programmatic editorial and pre launch checklists.

WordPress 6.2 announcement

Get ready for some exciting news and updates as word on WordPress 6.2, the first major release of 2023 is underway! This version of WordPress is expected to launch on March 28, 2023. This version will include up to 10 major Gutenberg releases. Read about the release schedule and team here.

Gutenberg Updates

  • Gutenberg 14.9 released on January 4, 2023. It introduces a delightful new feature in the Site Editor, the “Push changes to Global Styles” button, allowing users to apply individual block style changes to all blocks of the same type with ease across their entire site. To further enhance the user experience, it now offers typography support for the Page List block, adding a touch of elegance to the text. And, as a bonus, it provides the ability to import sidebar widgets into a template part when transitioning from a classic theme.
  • Gutenberg 15.0 released on January 18, 2023. This version stabilizes the block inspector tabs, preventing images from being resized over the containing element, a “sticky” option for blocks, and much more.

WordCamp Updates

Here is a list of upcoming WordCamps planned for this month


  • Since the Photo Directory’s launch, the WordPress community has contributed 3200+ nature photos, making it one of the library’s most popular categories. 
  • Explore and contribute to the collection here.

Parting Notes 

What are your thoughts on the January roundup of WordPress?

Feel free to post your opinions, thoughts, and comments. You can also send your questions/insights/ideas via an electronic letter 📧 at [email protected]

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