WordPress June Roundup (2023): WordCamp Updates, WordPress 6.3 Beta release, Latest in Gutenberg and more…

WordPress June Roundup (2023): WordCamp Updates, WordPress 6.3 Beta release, Latest in Gutenberg and more…

Greetings, WordPress Wizards! Are you all caught up with the latest happenings in the world of WordPress? If not, let’s rewind the clock with the June 2023 roundup in WordPress! Join me as we explore the highlights and noteworthy events in this month’s edition of WordPress affairs. Together, we’ll go through the exciting developments in the WordPress landscape.

WordPress 6.3 Beta

The WordPress 6.3 Beta version is still in its development phase. Once released, it is set to offer a multitude of new features and enhancements, encompassing all fields. Let’s get an overview of them –

  • Performance – The latest release includes additions like defer and async for the WP Scripts API and fetchpriority support for images; optimizations have been made to improve LCP performance. Additionally, we see improved support for PHP versions 8.0 – 8.2. 
  • Site Editor – 6.3 introduces significant enhancements to the Site Editor, with expanded capabilities, including navigating and editing pages, styles, templates, and content. The Site Editor now allows you to preview and adjust a block theme before activation. The freshly created Command Palette enables quick context switching and efficient actions across the site editing experience. 
  • Blocks – Two New Blocks are introduced in this version; for details and footnotes. There are updates to improve image aspect ratio handling and enhance fallback states. Spacer Blocks now come with presets and Cover Blocks receive updates for better text color management and layout support.
  • Patterns and Design – This update renames reusable blocks to synced patterns combining them with traditional block patterns – providing a unified experience. You can now assign patterns to templates and site creators can effortlessly create, save, manage custom patterns, and explore curated patterns in a directory. The Styles interface now allows editing of duotone filters and captions.
  • Usability – Usability enhancements include updates to the toolbar, improved template descriptions, enhanced drag-and-drop in list view, improved padding and margin controls, and a dedicated section for managing patterns. The link control feature has also received updates, enhancing overall usability.
  • Accessibility – Version 6.3 includes over 50 accessibility improvements; enhanced labeling, optimized navigation with tabs and arrow keys, and revised heading hierarchy to name a few. Updates have been made to the login form, installation steps, and list tables. You can view accessibility tickets in the WordPress Trac.

Read to explore WordPress 6.3 in detail.

WordPress Mentorship Program: What’s New

WordPress’s Executive Director Josepha Haden Chomphosy discussed in-detail about ‘The WordPress Contributor Mentorship Program’ in a podcast.

The main goal of this program is to ensure that new contributors can make meaningful connections and impactful contributions; and it is waiting for people’s participation and feedback. This year’s WorldCamp Europe held in Athens also had discussions about this program. To learn more, go over the transcript or listen to Episode 57 ‘The Power of WordPress Mentorship’

Gutenberg Updates 

The June 2023 roundup also covers two Gutenberg Updates in WordPress – 

Gutenberg 16.0

With this update, we saw new additions to the Site Editor’s features, redefined dimension controls, improvements to color palette readability and editor list view and a completely stabilized details block. Explore an elaborate report of the same with ‘WordPress Gutenberg 16.0’ on our blog. 

Gutenberg 16.1

This version included bug fixes, improvements, and interesting new features. With 16.1, users can create design patterns on the platform and synchronize them across their entire website. The Site Editor has a Distraction Free-Mode and a Redefined Sidebar.

The block editor has an added Footnote Functionality. Furthermore, Image blocks have new aspect ratio tools and the button block has an added ability. For a comprehensive read, look at ‘WordPress Gutenberg 16.1’.


WCEU 2023 

Following WordPress’s 20th anniversary last month, WordCamp Europe (WCEU) 2023 was held in Greece where over 2,500 individuals from 94 countries converged either physically or via the live stream, joining in an exciting three-day event full of engaging discussions, networking opportunities, and enriching learnings. To know more about the full coverage, read ‘Twenty Years of WordPress at WCEU’

Next Gen WordCamps 

In a Podcast, Chloé Bringmann interviewed Angela Jin, the Head of Programs and Contributor Experience in the WordPress community. They delve into the proposed changes for the next generation of WordCamps emphasizing inclusivity, diversity, and enhanced learning opportunities.

To listen or read the whole story, see Episode 58 ‘A new Wave for WordPress Events’.

WordPress Playground

An interesting concept, Playground allows you to run WordPress on your browser. With this tool, you can create themes, build complete websites, experiment with plugins, and a lot more. Check out WordPress’s instructional video to effectively utilize WordPress Playground – ‘How to start using WordPress Playground’.

WordCamp Updates

Parting Notes

As June 2023 has come to an end, we wave goodbye to a dynamic month in the world of WordPress with this roundup.

From the WCEU in Athens to the exciting evolution of WordCamps, embracing inclusivity and fresh ideas, it’s been quite a trip!

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