Check out the revamped WordPress Homepage and Download page design – Crispier & Modern than ever!

Check out the revamped WordPress Homepage and Download page design – Crispier & Modern than ever!

The much awaited WordPress homepage and download page redesign is here. Revamping the website has been long in the talks. The WordPress team is consistently working to give you an unparalleled user experience. This experience is not just limited to the core software but also the way users interact with the WordPress website. Well, people, the homepage design is finally here with a whole new jazzy look and feel.

To highlight the power and widespread presence of WordPress in the digital world. The past few weeks team and contributors underwent collecting feedback and forging the homepage and download page. The new designs went live on August 15th!

The New Design

Image: WordPress Homepage - Old Design
The Old WordPress Homepage
Image: WordPress Homepage - New Design
The New WordPress Homepage

Looks something completely different, right? The new homepage brings attention to the benefits and experience of WordPress. This new design also allows visitors to see highlights like the features, functionality, and resources offered. Thus, allowing visitors to see and experience what WordPress can provide to their web architecture and presence.

The new download page welcomes visitors with a new layout that not only encourages but navigates them to get started with WordPress. It houses all the relevant information more vividly, with both the download and hosting options.

Image: WordPress Download Page - New Design

Before the homepage and download page redesign, we saw a major overhaul to the News page. Keeping the direction aligned to the same path, these designs are geared towards making WordPress the only destination when words like CMS and Website builder come to your mind.

The Best Closer in town (Ps. not Harvey Specter)

WordPress has come a long way from being a repository. It has evolved to a blogging platform, a CMS, and a website builder. And it swells me up to keep on writing about it. The WordPress community drives the changes which leads to continuous updates. Thus, enabling millions of users around the world to leverage WordPress, each in their own way.

WordPress has become a common ground bringing the integrated world and its people together, all set to change the way we see digital horizons, verticals, and landscapes. It gets more exciting with each passing day as to what’s new.

In closing thoughts, I would like to extend a big shoutout to team This wouldn’t be possible without contributors (team WPWhiteBoard is in it too!), everyone who builds, leverages, or blogs on WordPress. And you!

This one is for all of us – The People, The Community of the most popular, famous, and loved CMS and website builder.


Side note: This redesign became possible through great collaboration between the Design, Marketing, and Meta teams. Thank you to everyone involved throughout this update:

@abuzon @adamwood @adeebmalik @alexandreb3 @alipawp @angelasjin @aniash_29 @annezazu @beafialho @bjmcsherry @chanthaboune @colinchadwick @crevilaro @critterverse @dansoschin @dd32 @dufresnesteven @eboxnet @eidolonnight @elmastudio @fernandot @geoffgraham @iandunn @javiarce @joedolson @jpantani @kellychoffman @laurlittle @marybaum @matt @maurodf @melchoyce @mikachan @nikhilgandal @pablohoneyhoney @peakzebra @poliuk @priethor @psmits1567 @renyot @rmartinezduque @ryelle @santanainniss @sereedmedia @sippis @tellyworth @tobifjellner @webdados @willmot


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