WordPress July Roundup (2022): 6.1 Dev Roadmap, Gutenberg 13.8, Homepage Redesign, and more

WordPress July Roundup (2022): 6.1 Dev Roadmap, Gutenberg 13.8, Homepage Redesign, and more

Let’s take a quick dive into what’s happening in and around the WordPress software in this July roundup. We are halfway through the year 2022, and we witnessed exciting updates and additions in the WordPress software, its interface, features, and much more.

WordPress saw major updates and overhauls throughout the year. July was a busy month bringing exciting changes to the Gutenberg block editor. WordPress announced the development cycle for version 6.1. Also in the headlines are the upcoming WordCamp(s)!

WordPress 6.1 development cycle is here!

There were so many developments in the July roundup, but this special announcement was icing on the cake🍰. The development plan for WordPress version 6.1 is here!

  • Add a reminder to your calendar! WordPress has released its development cycle for 6.1. The release schedule is extended by a week from its initial release date. Expect it up and running on websites near you on 1st November, 2022.
  • The revised release schedule landed on October 31st, i.e., (Halloween🎃). And who wants to work on a holiday, and especially Halloween? All praises to the super kind people for rescheduling the dry run to 28th October, 2022.
  • WordPress 6.1 will be the third major release of 2022, following WordPress 5.9 (released January 21st, 2022) and 6.0 (released May 24th, 2022).
  • WordPress 6.1 aims to provide a new and elevated experience, just like we saw in 5.9 Josephine and 6.0 Arturo, Brace yourselves for a sleek and enhanced WordPress experience.
  • Some major tweaks expected by the community are the block theme filter, template editor, improvements to the block editor, and improvements for design and typography.
  • There are plans on improving all the customization options for users, calling it the customization phase. 
  • After the customization phase, WordPress plans to start the next phase, which focuses on collaboration, in 2023.

WordPress Homepage and Download page are live now!

  • The most awaited WordPress Homepage and Download page are live after 33 days of project kick-off.
  • These updates were made after the WordPress.org News and Gutenberg Page, which gives an appealing look, a better-structured feeling, and a modern experience to the users. Also, enhancing the user experience and usability of the software.
  • Check out the updated pages, especially the Gutenberg page which allows you to experience the flexibility of the block editor.

Gutenberg improvements 

  • Gutenberg 13.6 adds pattern modal support for custom post types and added a few template types to the site editor. Captions can also be managed by theme.json. Read more here.
  • Gutenberg 13.7 comes with a “block locking” feature, improvements for modal design in various screens, displays user read time, and “start with featured image” options while starting your post. Read more here.
  • Gutenberg 13.8 is the latest addition to the Gutenberg family👶 . It came with the most awaited release – fluid typography support. There are also improvements in accessibility and templates. Read more about Gutenberg 13.8 here.
  • As we saw 11 version releases of the Gutenberg plugin before the final release of WordPress 6.0. You can expect the same for WordPress 6.1. This would translate into benchmark performance and never-seen-before features, enhancing WordPress’s presence and prowess even more!

WordCamp 2022

  • The WordCamp 2022 is taking place in five different locations around the world. Don’t miss out on the biggest event for WordPress’ers’ (it’s only five weeks away!). A must attend event for all WordPress maxis!
  • WordCamp is planned till the last week of September in different locations:
  • Twenty organizations have stepped forward to support the speakers from the Underrepresented in tech group.
  • To honor the memory of Kim Parsell, the organizing team announced the Kim Parsell Memorial Scholarship. Kim Parsell was a valued and committed contributor to the WordPress community.
  • This scholarship offers financial aid to women who are identified as WordPress contributors to attend the WordCamp. 

Closing Thoughts

What are your thoughts on the July roundup of WordPress?
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