WordPress Gutenberg 15.7 is Here with Site Logo replacement via sidebar, Fluid Typography improvements, and much more

WordPress Gutenberg 15.7 is Here with Site Logo replacement via sidebar, Fluid Typography improvements, and much more

Gutenberg 15.7 released on 3rd May, 2023. The latest Gutenberg release brings improvements to existing UI and UX for all the content creators, site owners, and theme developers out there. To achieve those user experience changes this update included 142 Pull-requests by 62 contributors. Kudos to all of them for making this happen.


Site Logo replacement via the sidebar

Image: Site logo replacement via sidebar
Credits – WP.org

Managing a site’s branding identity should be an easy and intuitive process right? That’s why this version brings a direct way to replace the logo. You can set, replace, reset, or make any other changes directly from the sidebar.

Duo-tone filter controls in the block sidebar

Image: Duo-tone controls in block sidebar
Credits – WP.org

Duo-tone effect was a great feature in the WordPress eco-system. The controls for using a preset filter or creating a custom one was hidden from the Block toolbar. With Gutenberg 15.7 these filters are directly available on the style settings in the sidebar allowing designers and content creators easier access.

Display custom borders on the placeholder

Image: Custom border to image placeholders
Custom border preview in image placeholders

I hope you know that you could add custom borders to images, now the custom borders are also displayed in the place-holder. This helps the site owner pick a featured images that goes well and are in contrast with the borders.

Fluid Typography improvements

When fluid typography arrived in WordPress 6.0, users and designers experienced problems with large custom fonts. The previous calculations didn’t scale enough for smaller screens. From this version, fluid typography uses the logarithmic scale factor to calculate the minimum font size for smaller screens. With these scaling methods, the designers will have more typographical freedom and can rely on built-in responsiveness of their designs.

Full Screen modal selections

Image: Selecting Existing template parts before 15.7 update
Before update
Image: Selecting Existing template parts after 15.7 update
After update
Image: Choosing patterns before 15.7 update
Before update
Image: Choosing patterns after 15.7 update
After update

There are few changes in the modal selection to match the full-page patterns displayed when creating a new page. Now, you get the same full screen experience while choosing template pattern, query pattern, full-page pattern, template pattern, and to site preferences.

Parting Notes

For a detailed list of all the enhancements and bug fixes, please refer to the full change log available here.

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