Automattic’s Latest Plans to unveil Premium Themes, Plugins, and much more on’s Marketplace!

Automattic’s Latest Plans to unveil Premium Themes, Plugins, and much more on’s Marketplace!

In the latest announcement by Donna Oliver, Managing Editor at Automattic shared the future plans for’s marketplace 🏪. is gearing towards providing a more seamless experience by offering instant purchases, more premium themes, and plugins.

Now, users can get access to purchasing services, themes, and plugins right from the dashboard. 

All at a click! 🖱️ provides a comprehensive suite of powerful tools and services to help you level up and maintain your website. users, can now enjoy one-click access to a plethora of premium themes, plugins, and services.

The thousands of free and paid plugins and themes from the WordPress ecosystem will also be a part of this experience. This functionality will be soon available for all customers.

Features that you can expect with their new integrated experience

  • Choose plugins, themes for every need, from a custom selection of plugins and themes, curated by the team of Automattic. With this, you can save your time and hassle for selecting the right services, themes, and plugins for your website.
  • Enjoy premium themes designed to look beautiful with stunning design elements and functionality right out of the box.
  • Of course, as offers paid services, you have professional help at your disposal.
  • This experience is sure to bring you peace of mind with fully managed plugins and themes. No worrying about updates, and security patches. Leave all of that to the team of, and focus on designing your website!
  • This will also support the WordPress community developers and service providers by allowing them to sell their plugins and themes. Thus, creating a showcase for some of the best plugins and themes on WordPress.

🚀 Powered by the WordPress community

WordPress is one of the most popular and preferred CMS, website builders for a reason. It is powered and run by a dedicated community that has people from all over the world, contributing and providing feedback to improve the experience and features.

You can also become a part of this community, and enable WordPress users to get the very best tools, plugins, themes, and support. is partnering with developers and service providers across the WordPress ecosystem to get their premium themes and plugins listed on their dashboard.

🤵 Partner Up with Early Access! 

“We’ve got about 2 million people with saved payment details that we can make it one-click easy [for folks] to upgrade, so hopefully this represents a big new potential audience and customer base for people selling things in the WP ecosystem. And of course, we will prioritize working with developers and companies who participate in Five for the Future and contribute back to the WP community.”

Matt Mullenweg, CEO, and co-founder WordPress open source project

If you’re a WordPress plugin, theme developer, or a professional WordPress service provider, and an active contributor, this opportunity is for you ! The team of is expanding their list of premium plugins and themes. Get early access to the list, and get your plugin/theme up there for the take. Fill in your details here. ✔️

Although, there’s still no official word on what the profit margin, the overall process. For more information, suggested read: Marketplace Guidelines


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