WordPress’s Biggest Goals for the Year 2022

WordPress’s Biggest Goals for the Year 2022

In the latest team update by Josepha Haden Chomphosy, Executive Director of the WordPress project, since 2019, mentions the big plans/goals for 2022. So, let’s understand where WordPress is going and what the future holds for the community and WordPress itself!

There is a lot of buzz around WordPress, especially after the version 5.9 Joséphine launch and the monumental changes it offers to users and developers.

Also, during State of the Word 2021, Matt revisited the timeline for Gutenberg, and what has been done so far.

Now, with all things said, let’s get to know about the major plans of WordPress for 2022.

“2022 is all about committing to the co-creator relationship with WordPress users”


Encourage the use of the new WordPress editor.

After the release of WordPress 5.9, the team’s focus is to drive user adoption by making full site editing and tools easy to find and use. This will enable more users to leverage the features provided by WordPress 5.9 to its full extent.

One for the CMS

To achieve faster and wide scale adoption, the team is pushing to get high-quality feedback. This will in turn ensure that actionable tickets can be raised and issues can be resolved with collaboration from the design team when needed. Also, importance is being given to prioritizing the tasks that solve the most pressing needs of users.

The team is also working to invite more users extenders to participate in the FSE (Full Site Editing) Outreach program (10-12 calls for testing). The primary goal of the FSE program is to gather feedback from WordPress site builders so the software can be improved and enhanced.

Another goal of this program is to raise awareness and spread information about the spectacular features FSE offers.

This program is in addition to sharing feedback on Github, so you can share your feedback as well.
Also, the plan includes hosting regular design-driven user testing (one test a week).

Two for the Community

The WordPress team wishes to share their knowledge and resources in a more precise and useful manner. They wish to promote more widespread usage of WordPress along with resources that will enable users to better understand, navigate, and use WordPress to its full potential.

To achieve this goal, and also to hone the skills of more users and extenders, work is in progress to provide detailed and thorough resources through LearnWP. Also, turning routine support issues into new content (10-15 pieces of canonical content using Learn, Docs, WordPress.org, etc.) is in the pipeline for this year.

Also, translation is being given major emphasis with high-impact user-facing content across Rosetta sites (15-20 locales). Rosetta is the theme name for locale WordPress sites. They are a great way of growing and creating your local community. The team also plans on hosting audience-specific WordPress events (10-12 by a common language, interest, or profession).

Three for the Ecosystem

To better develop the WordPress ecosystem, full site editing tools and content across the ecosystem for all users are on the upper levels of the priority order.

Also, importance is being given to highlighting block themes and plugins in the directories. Also, creating resources to provide tools and training to learn how to build block themes. Last but not least, plan, work, and implement changes to improve the block developer experience.

Support open-source alternatives for all site-building necessities

This aims to provide support and access to open-source elements that are needed to get a site up and running.

One for the CMS

For the CMS, the idea is to update the new user onboarding flow to match modern standards. Other focus elements are the integration of Openverse and Photo Directory into WordPress admin area.

Also, a pattern creator is in the works, which will provide more flexibility for creating customized block patterns.

For the Community

Again, the spotlight shines back on LearnWP and the increasing learning opportunities (1 workshop/week, 6 courses/year). Also to spread the learning, creating and increasing the number of social learning spaces (4 SLSs/week), and a block theme contribution drive (500 block themes in the repo).

Open Source Marshals

Also in the pipeline is an iteration on WordPress’ open source methodologies to guide and sustain long-term success for WordPress as well as the overall open source community that we are all part of.

  • For All
    5ftF (Five for the Future) program expansion to better spread awareness and expand the base of contributors to WordPress.
    Recruitment of future leaders in the community.
    Onboarding of current leaders in the community.
    To better map the changing times and trends, emphasis on upstreaming contributions to other OS projects, like Matrix, PHP, JS, etc.
    The WordPress Project maintenance needs to be consistently checked and balanced.
    Ancillary programs.

Preparations have already begun for WordPress’ 20th birthday on May 27th, 2023!


According to the status report by Angela, these encompass the three big ideas planned for WordPress in the year 2022. There is a lot going on in and around us. These are not the only changes, as Gutenberg is constantly evolving, and not to forget, WordPress 6.0 is in the works, which we will soon post about!

All you have to do is make sure to not get off the sidelines, and contribute to WordPress in any way you can. This will ensure that the CMS goes in a direction that will benefit us in the future and also bring more users to the stage!


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