WordPress 6.0.1 Maintenance Release is Here — Bug Fixes in Core and Block Editor!

WordPress 6.0.1 Maintenance Release is Here — Bug Fixes in Core and Block Editor!

The next installment of WordPress 6.0 is here. WordPress 6.0.1 is a short-maintenance release that comes with 13 bug fixes in Core and 18 bug fixes in the block editor. What you get now is an enhanced and improved version that takes the overall experience to the next level.

These maintenance cycles are important as it paves the way to making WordPress the best CMS and website builder. These fixes and maintenance releases that will pave the way for the next big update, i.e. WordPress 6.1, scheduled for later this year.

Let’s get down to understanding what this new update brings with it. By the end of the article, we will talk about if it’s worth upgrading to or if we can skip this update.

Core fixes

The bug fixes for WordPress core include:

  • skipOnAutomatedBranches() does not work as expected, take 2
  • block-templates theme support not present in /themes REST API endpoint
  • About page: Replace video thumbnail image
  • Twenty Ten: Unbump version number due to lack of functional changes.
  • WP_Term_Query cache problem
  • Option ‘user_count’ not initalized or updated on single sites
  • Remove meetup from oembed allow list
  • Backport bug fixes from Gutenberg into Core for WP 6.0.1
  • Register Comments Query Loop from metadata to enable title and description translation.
  • Theme preview is bugged for all themes in the directory
  • Pattern keywords are not passed through from pattern directory
  • Default template for new posts should be “Single,” not “404”
  • Continued post lock data inconsistencies

Bug fixes

The bug fixes for the WordPress Block Editor include:

  • Media & Text: Remove font size declaration from template
  • Refactor: Reuse code of the editor placeholder across Post Comments and Post Comments Form
  • Improve the logic for warnings for Post Comments Form placeholder
  • [Block Library – Latest Posts]: Prevent opening the links in editor
  • Navigation block “Open on click”: Inherit font style and font weight
  • Fix/block meta icon prop errors
  • Ensure only the main query is modified when resolving template for new posts
  • Strip whitespaces in render_block_core_cover
  • Handle no variation case in the block transform menu
  • Block Library: Fix JS Error in Avatar Block
  • Lower the priority of the gallery gap css so it loads after the block layout css
  • Add utility classnames back to blocks that have layout attributes specified
  • Post Comments Form: Add button that enables commenting to warning
  • Comments Block: fixed issue with custom font sizes and links color
  • Comment Author and Date blocks: aligned editor markup with the frontend
  • Post Template: Ensure layout classnames are not attached to inner li elements
  • Webfonts API: Document fontFace and it’s values in theme.json schema
  • Pasting: Fix performance regression due to removeWindowsFragments
  • Post Comments Form: Fix warning i18n

My take

First of all, I’d like to thank and appreciate the WordPress developer community for contributing to this update. Also, I’d like to thank you for using WordPress and making it one of the most popular and loved CMS and website builders.

Now, this update brings a lot of features and updates to the Core and Block editor. However, if you’re wondering whether to update or skip, well, the answer is never easy in the world of websites.

Yes, in my opinion, if there’s an update to the core software you should update it. Add in updates to the block editor, I need no convincing no more, just tell me how to update. Well, that’s easy, go to your WordPress dashboard, Updates, and update now, done! (that’s what I did to WPWhiteBoard, so you can take my word for it) 😜

Hey hold your horses, I didn’t just update it when I saw there’s an update. You have to check if your plugins support the latest version of WordPress. Moreover, if there are any external implementations done by you, check if the new update is compatible with those changes. If all things give you a green light, then my friend, go right ahead with this update!


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