Amazing Inbound Marketing Hacks for a WordPress Website’s Success

Amazing Inbound Marketing Hacks for a WordPress Website’s Success

If you are wondering where inbound marketing came from, HubSpot is the company behind the origin of inbound marketing. Today, it’s a popular course taught across world-class universities. It is offered as inbound marketing courses, certifications, etc., to make you successful in marketing.

According to an Invespcro blog, around 41% of marketers confirmed that inbound marketing ensures positive outcomes and tremendous ROI for organizations that have employed it.

Inbound marketing enables you to establish authority in your domain/field. You achieve this through high-quality content marketing and successful digital marketing tactics. It’s all about delivering meaningful information and answers to your prospects. To do that you must identify their pain areas and fix them. It will enable you to gain confidence in your prospects and convert them into paying users through your marketing efforts.

SEO lead generation is an integral part of inbound marketing. Therefore, its success is a 14.6% closing rate. When compared to outbound marketing strategies, its close rate is merely 1.7%. This proves to be a huge success, as reported by Search Engine Journal. 

While Mashable reports that inbound marketing strategies boast a success rate of 62% less cost than traditional outbound marketing. HubSpot shares that the same inbound methodology generates 54% more leads than its peers. 

Inbound marketing employs complex marketing strategies with the same end objective in mind – “Attract people’s attention. Generate their interest to make them visit your website. Inspire them to fall deeply in love with your products/services. And then, turn them into passionate customers!”

First and Foremost, Research the Market

Understand the nature of your company’s business and the direction in which you are aiming to move it.

Take adequate time to evaluate all analytics and key performance indicators (KPIs). Get a complete grasp of the exact inbound marketing objectives you are attempting to achieve. Plan how you’re going to achieve it by analyzing your conversion procedures. Verify that they align with your KPIs and your entire inbound strategy & inbound readiness, among other things.

Have you looked into how your rivals have adjusted their sales and marketing methods after the Covid affair? This audit may be a time-demanding procedure but it’s worth it! Are there some key takeaways from their experience? What factors, such as post-covid pressures and buying patterns, are reshaping your industry’s landscape? Importantly, how should your company adjust to it?

Last but not least, and a very important point, Know your Customers. The post-covid buyer’s journey has compelled traditional sales funnels to change in terms of functionality and geometry. The aftermath is witnessing more of a ‘Flywheel marketing model’. It is three concentric rims with an inner circle of Growth. The outermost circle of Strangers is attracted to get converted into the next outer section: Prospects. And prospects are thoroughly engaged to be converted into customers.

Happy customers will more likely recommend your products/services. They might also turn promoters for your business which is favorable for your business growth. This change in the marketing pattern from the traditional sales funnel to the flywheel has a massive correlation with the customers moving from brick-and-mortar stores to online stores and eCommerce platforms!

The old methods of attracting, engaging, and urging customers to purchase and then retaining them have completely changed. In today’s fast-paced digital era it’s better to equip yourself with the most effective strategies and successfully proven campaigns!

Program of Customer Satisfaction

Loyalty programs are a clever technique to build trust with prospects, while simultaneously increasing sales. B2B referral software packages enable you to create a customer loyalty program. You can use it to improve your competent lead generation and sales efforts.

It is done by incentivizing consumers, partners, and employees to serve as brand ambassadors for your target community. You can do this by enabling your target audience to participate in challenges, for which they will be rewarded. Whether it be for creating content, reviewing sites they post, discussion boards they participate in, etc. Top comments, testimonials, and case study submissions, you can use these to grow your digital reputation and increase your consumer base.

For example, A newly established blockchain DeFi platform called StormGain is leveraging this like professionals. It’s achieving it with its presence in 230+ countries, and an ever-growing customer base with its variable Loyalty Programs. It announces 12% and up to 20% of loyalty bonuses for some of its customers for taking specific actions using the application.

As you promote customer feedback, you will acquire more traction and new prospects for the business. More brand interaction will lead to more leads, and then, more conversions. Meanwhile, existing customers gain points and badges as they progress, allowing them to use several advantages and privileges. Thus, happy customers all the way!

These programs frequently integrate directly with CRMs (Customer Relationship Management Systems). This offers your sales force more visibility and engagement opportunities. Therefore leading to the rapid development of new business and revenue prospects!

High-quality Content

Content continues to play an essential part in enabling organizations to expand online. This strategy is one of the most critical inbound marketing techniques to boost your organization’s digital presence. It’s not simply about generating content for it, either.

This trend is centered around creating high-quality educational content. Many businesses make the marketing error of creating content only to build it. On the other hand, consumers do not want half-hearted material that does not provide them with the information they want.

Consumers are looking for in-depth and useful material that teaches them and assists them in answering their questions. It is preferable to have two high-quality pieces of content than twenty pieces of material that have only been half-researched. Make sure you complete your homework before creating useful content, and you can also take help from inbound marketers.

Your website performance needs to subpar too! No ones likes slow loading or poorly performing websites. Don’t believe me?
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Marketing Automation

Today, companies can handle several marketing operations from a single platform, all thanks to the growth of marketing automation. It is quite handy, but also presents a challenge: requires a significant amount of time to complete.

Marketing automation CRM provides business developers with seamless lead-tracking statistics, which is critical. It increases the amount of time available to marketing and salespeople. It does it by replacing separate tool sets with a single solution, enabling them to give more time to discovering and connecting with leads.

The building of landing pages is another important component of marketing automation. These pages serve as a conversion point, guiding visitors through the process to their final destination.

Landing pages have been used in various forms of inbound marketing campaigns, including lead generation. Knowing how to utilize them successfully in combination with marketing automation adds to increasing conversions for your business.

Guest Blogging

Blogs with numerous authors are considered more reputable, as per Social Marketing Writing, 62.96% of consumers believe this.

Guest bloggers or guest posters generally create content for a company and post it on another website. Their content is pretty similar and in great detail, so they can backlink to the original website for which they are guest posting.

By guest posting on other people’s websites, you can quickly establish trust and increase web traffic on your website. Guest blogging also allows building backlinks and cross-links, boosting your SEO, which helps to increase website traffic. In the same way, you would blog for your website, you must guest blog frequently.

Inbound marketing is not restricted to endless content generation, but it is critical to the campaign’s success. The material you provide to your readers must be relevant, thorough, and helpful. It must show that you are the one who can assist them in resolving their problems. It takes time and effort to establish trust with your audience and ensure that they return to your website.

To do this, first design a functional content marketing strategy. This should include all sorts of content that you will produce for your target audience. It all relies on your target audience’s preferences!

Update your Existing Content

A key inbound marketing strategy is to keep your existing content fresh and relevant for the audience. After businesses have published their material, they lose track of it. For your content marketing to be effective, keep old material up to date with new information.

The majority of the time you generate content, you’ll write about topics that remain a relevant year in and year out. The problem emerges when you fail to keep those subjects up to date with the most recent facts. If you don’t have up-to-date information, your content will rapidly become less interesting, and it’ll go down the search rankings. Thus, making your visitors lose interest in your website and content.

Let’s say some months back, you published an article ‘Distributing content on Twitter’, about creating successful tweets under 140 characters. Next year, Twitter raised its character limit to 280 characters. That piece of content becomes out of context as anyone who comes across it today will see incorrect information due to the 140-character restriction. It’s not up to date, even if the information you provided is still applicable.

Regularly updating your material ensures that your audience receives the most up-to-date information. As the content becomes more relevant, readers end up interacting with it, which will increase traffic to your page. And they will come back for more up-to-date and latest content.

Just built a new WordPress website? Here’s how you can get more traffic on your website!

Geo-fencing and Retargeting

A specialized geographically targeted ad engages your customers when they are in a certain geographic place. By gathering information about your target audience throughout a predetermined period, you may restrict, and identify your target group based on demographics and psychographics.

The practical and common use is to target trade show participants inside a certain geolocation (e.g., the convention center). Then, follow the event attendees with retargeting advertisements on mobile devices, directing them to your website’s landing page.

Increase brand awareness in the places where they are most interested in your domain. Then, retarget them with brand messages and conversion possibilities during the campaign’s lifetime.

According to Criteo, website visitors who are retargeted converted at 43%. Because 97% of first-time website visitors do not complete a transaction. It takes many visits for the average visitor to convert into a buyer. Therefore, retargeted advertising is essential to keep them coming back.

A variety of networks, including Facebook, Google Ads, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram, may be used to run retargeting ads for your customers. All you have to do is include a tracking pixel, which is a short bit of code, on the necessary pages of your website to get started. Create your ad, choose your target audience specifications, and set a budget, and you’re ready to go!

Create Web Pages

The pages on your website and your blog serve as a digital showroom for your business. It is important to create keyword-focused pages that deliver a statement. They will help your brand connect with your target audience(s), guaranteeing timely information and answers to their problems.

Employ information gathered while developing your buyer personas to optimize your on-page content. This will enable them to speak in a voice (tone) that would appeal to your ideal buyers. It will turn your site into a beacon of helpful information that will entice the appropriate strangers to your web pages.

Keywords are also vital, as I previously mentioned. Make sure that each page of your website has particular information that users connect with. And the content should be relevant to their inquiry, to truly transform your website into an inbound marketing engine. It is among the top inbound methodology that could help your WordPress website grow!

Your website should also be built to handle traffic and perform impressively. Read about building a a high-end WordPress website.

Create and Share your Research

Creating your research study on trends influencing your market is another excellent method of generating leads. It is time-consuming, but it is really rewarding. Create your research study based on inputs from your intended buyer personas. In addition to promoting questions correctly (e.g., never being condescending), you should be framing them in a way that your website adds value and engages with them appropriately.

Create your research findings based on inputs from your target personas collected through a feedback survey. Asking the right questions plays a key role in conducting your survey(s) and gaining correct information.

You can start with demographic questions first and ensure they’re mandatory to answer. Then you can progress from high-level and general queries. Then shift to more strategic questions, then operational ones, and finally specific ones. It’s a good practice to randomize question choices, particularly when conducting multiple-choice surveys.

Use this information as a starting point for your research report, look for patterns, similarities, and outliers. Another concrete advantage of creating new data is that it saves you money. On Twitter, statistics are often associated with the highest levels of engagement and social sharing. You may include a hyperlink to the PDF report in the tweet, which will help attract new leads and establish credibility for your business.

Directly Communicate with your Customers

One of the most important aspects of connecting inbound marketing to sales is maintaining and cultivating a relationship with customers, prospects, and leads. Once you’ve captured the attention and interest of potential clients, you must maintain that attention, and grow it to move the conversation forward.

To follow up with them, you can send them emails, or you can share additional valuable material with them through newsletters, social media, & reports. You may also use marketing automation solutions to accomplish your goals.

It is critical to pay attention to what prospects and customers are expressing about your products/services. Reply to them promptly, and connect with them via questionnaires, live webinars, Q&As, and other means. Maintain your brand’s presence on their minds to make your product an apparent choice for them when making a purchase.


To develop an effective inbound marketing strategy, you must first grasp your target demographic and the sales funnel. It’s also critical to develop a comprehensive inbound content strategy to attract, educate, engage, and excite your target audience.

Additionally, you must devise a method for nurturing quality leads and enhancing client satisfaction and retention. Using the information provided above, begin developing an inbound marketing strategy to begin creating a positive influence on your company with each planned activity as soon as possible.


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